A Week in the Desert

Tempe Arizona

I’m only a few days back from the desert and I miss it terribly. I had no idea I'd be so fond of dry land. If I go missing in winter months...look in Arizona? 

I visited Phoenix in February and met incredible creatives at the bloguettes conference. It was a jam packed 2 days of learning seo, social media, photography, content creation, pitching and more. Cupcakes, rooftop socials, and sun soaked lunches during our down time.

bloguettes workshop

I made another visit in March and reunited with a fellow bloguette!

Meet Abby Zufelt! She can render you every piece of advice about Arizona you will ever need to know. (AZ + AZ!) Plus I fully encourage you to visit Arizona...soon!


I was staying in Tempe -- an adorable college town. Breweries, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, shopping and restaurants all in walking distance of each other. Also, shout-out to Rebekah Flory for climbing A-Mountain with me and watching Netflix in a rooftop hot tub!

On a side note, I hope you have coworkers who become friends and will try all the crazy ideas with you!

I was obsessed with Tempe, but wanted a day trip for some hiking + adventuring. Abby suggested Sedona! 

After a beautiful two hour cactus drive from Phoenix, I was surrounded by orange stone. This imagery makes learning how to use a DSLR easy!

sedona arizona hiking

I found Soldier Pass Road, parked my car, and took a hike to the seven sacred pools. It was breathtaking and I quickly realized that a few hours in Sedona was hardly enough. Maybe a couple months or weeks would satisfy?

I'm sunburnt and dried out from a week in the desert; simultaneously, so sad I’m no longer there...