Making a Move


Ah, making a move. Do I go left, where nothing's right? Or to the right, where perhaps it’s more appealing? Maybe I’ll just stay put where I think it’s more comfortable, but is actually uncomfortable, but probably more comfortable than taking any action at all? (Romans 7:15, anyone?)
Somewhere along the way, I acquired friends who ignite purpose and a whole new kind of passion in me. They remind me who I am when I’ve forgotten. Strangely, sometimes, the questions and honest truths sting a bit. A sting that helps point me in the right direction nonetheless.


One of my friends lives states away, yet we still find ourselves on each other’s couch for late night talks and sips of deep eddy.

I told her that I always envisioned following and loving God to be an easy task...or at least the easier way of the ways. I also thought it came with a road map that would have signs more visible and roads less bumpy.

You see, there’s this thing called the Bible. A set of rules. Just follow the rules and then it’ll be bliss for you. The gospel is basically a hurdle that you get to jump over.

Discussing my journey head on while it’s still in progress? Nah, friends. I think I'll jump over that one because waiting to write or publish these posts when I’m winning at life sounds like a better option. Mind if I put the “under construction” splash page back up to better reflect my life? 

Jay-Kay. The gospel is literally all that I have. And sometimes my journey takes me through tough places. Like, learning to love imperfect people and realizing that I too am the very same.
I’m writing about love after all. Which means I might have to admit somewhere along the way that I have a desire to be in love. And God, that’d be embarrassing.
Amid my complaining and sharing doubts with her, I could hear Him say, “Oh you have so little faith.”
And this is why you find yourself a close-knit group of friends. We rise to lift one another. God created humans for community and honesty.
She reminded me that I won’t always be led to mountain tops, easy relationships, and fun purpose.
You were born to do this, it was written for you before you were formed and you are fully equipped through Christ to see it through. Everything doesn’t have to be fair or go according to plan. And turns out, you make a lot less progress when you wallow in your complaining.
So what are you doing to do about it?
I can’t tell you the direction I am heading. It’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable.
But it’s not the direction I was once headed. It’s not backwards, it’s not idle, and it’s not necessarily safe.
It requires more faith and feels a whole lot like forward.

“The restlessness we feel is not a bad thing. I believe it is the longing and passion in us for God - for more. It could push us to move forward, to live epic lives that were designed before the foundations of the earth were laid. The stirrings of a revolution are in the works. God is gathering a force, and a change is coming.” -- Jennie Allen