Thirty by Thirty

rocky mountains colorado

2017 was a beautiful, freeing, difficult life-giving year of understanding.

I started my 28th year on a train ride across the country. The train took me to San Francisco and I ended my trip in Napa Valley. (I’m yet to be convinced there is a more beautiful drive than the coast of hwy 1)

Since then I have done things I would have dreamed of writing on a thirty by thirty list.

I tried out new hobbies, like, calligraphy, macrame, and refinishing furniture. I went on girl vacas, spontaneous trips, and workcations. I rode a bicycle across canadian vineyards sampling all the wine. I took up yoga. I tried out acupuncture. I had coffee with a stranger. I attended an in-depth workshop on how to study the bible. I took a solo trip where I had a photoshoot on the top of a mountain! I made new friends…

While it was possibly the hardest year of my life, it was also one of the most rewarding.

Year 29, I want to become a better, more whole version of myself.

In the so many moments I’m tempted to quit it all, to make all of the uncomfortable feelings go away, I remember that it’s the wrestling and perseverance that will ultimately lead me to real peace.

And so, on my 29th birthday, I put together a list of things I want to do before I turn 30.

Here they are!

  1. unplug for a weekend

  2. buy a nice camera, practice photography skills, and go on an out-of-town weekend mentor session with a professional and close friend

  3. get a chemical peel

  4. have a morning routine

  5. fire a gun

  6. send a postcard from every place visit

  7. read the bible every day

  8. have diamond ring made into necklace

  9. run 5x/week and do more yoga

  10. skinny dip in the ocean

  11. read an entire book in one sitting

  12. feel good in a bathing suit

  13. use subaru racks

  14. do a handstand

  15. go snow skiing for the first time

  16. write a handwritten note each month

  17. drink black coffee - give up creamer

  18. have a movie marathon at the theatre

  19. if given the opportunity, go on a mission trip or visit a third world country

  20. wash face every night - i know, i know

  21. buy some overalls

  22. visit the northwest

  23. see hamilton the musical

  24. write a book

  25. go camping

  26. get a bike

  27. create a witty stationery set

  28. get lost while driving

  29. buy a house - still torn on this one - digging roots is serious

  30. take a 30th birthday trip

Some are deep and long-lasting; some light-hearted and insignificant, but I know this list will bring growth, gratitude and joy.

Heading into 2018 determined af.